Cialis compares favorably with most of the medications for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The advantages of the drug are high efficiency, increased duration of action, competitive price and a minimum number of contraindications.

The main component of Cialis is tadalafil, a modern analog of sildenafil, which is several times more effective and acts much softer at the same time.

Cialis produced in two versions with different dosages of active ingredient: 2.5 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg, and 20 mg. A single dose of the drug should not exceed 20 mg, this is the maximum rate established during clinical trials.

The effect of the drug appears already 20 minutes after administration. As a result, the level of nitric oxide in the tissues of the penis increases, smooth muscles relax and blood flow improves, which stimulates the appearance of erection. The total duration of the effects of Cialis reaches 36 hours.

Dosage: 20mg / 10 mg / 5 mg / 2.5 mg
Dosage form: Tablets
Active Ingredient: Tadalafil
Duration: up to 36 hours
Admission: 30 minutes before sexual intercourse
Company: Eli Lilly and Company
Treatment for: Erectile Dysfunction
Generic: Tadacip, Adcirca
Alcohol: Permissible in minimum quantities
Recommended daily dose: 20 mg (one tablet)

10 pills
$3.54 per 20mg pill
20 pills
$2.39 per 20mg pill
30 pills
$2.01 per 20mg pill
60 pills
$1.63 per 20mg pill
90 pills
$1.50 per 20mg pill
Cialis should be taken half an hour before the planned sexual contact. For greater effectiveness, it is better to refrain from consuming heavy fatty foods and alcoholic beverages.
Among the most common side effects, doctors notify headaches, pain in the back and muscles, possible swelling of the limbs, runny nose, redness of the eyes nausea, vomiting, and allergic manifestations. Typically these symptoms occur within a few hours during peak plasma tadalafil concentrations and disappear within 12-20 hours after ingestion.
It is not recommended to take Cialis in cases of severe disorders of the cardiovascular system and high blood pressure. Any sexual contact for such persons is associated with an individual risk, so you should consult a specialist and discuss the possibility of taking Cialis.

It is strictly forbidden to take Cialis with drugs intended for emergency care in myocardial ischemia based on nitroglycerin and its derivatives.


  1. Michael Lambert Michael Lambert says:

    I can’t say that I have ever had problems with erection, but I still sometimes take drugs to improve it, just to be sure. I tried Viagra and Cialis. Cialis is much better in my opinion. Sex becomes much longer, and there are practically no side effects. In general, if you do not know what to take – take Cialis. But I do not recommend taking it with coffee or alcohol if you are worried for your heart.

  2. Peter Peter says:

    Cialis is an excellent drug, which, it seemed to me, is far better than Viagra. It starts to work faster, and the effect is longer. The duration is more than a day, while I did not notice any side effects. For example, there is no tachycardia, increased heart rate, and similar symptoms. If we talk about sex, it really becomes brighter with Cialis, and therefore more interesting. I have no problems with erection, but sometimes after work, it’s tough to force myself.

  3. Samuel Samuel says:

    After reading about the possible side effects after taking Viagra, I decided to start with a more modern drug, Cialis. It is better to start taking the medication with the minimum dosage in order to avoid possible complications. I took the pill an hour before sex, and the result was just excellent. The body behaved naturally, no artificial feelings. In general, everything went fine, so now I will be a regular buyer of this drug. I’m thinking to try a generic, but it seems to me that it is better to start with the original.

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